The clues that God is here always

As I wake up in the morning and I look at the sunrise and the beauty that captivates my imagination as I look at the pinks and blues and yellows as the sun rises captivates me beyond measure and then I hear the birds and how they just do their morning whistles and sing Sweet songs of Melody and her peaceful to the soul you know this it’d be hard not to say that God is Not everywhere he feels me every time I pray in the morning to get my strength for the day to fight temptation the addiction I used to have Jesus freed me from and just always remind myself that I’m not here alone and I have him right here with me and everything I do so nothing is trivial it all counts

Leaders are readers

The more I read the more I can understand people my creator and just how things work in this digital age I love reading because it opens my mind to new things and it allows me to learn new information and then to harness it by activating myself to do an act my passion is to keep reading to depend on Christ everyday and I know and have faith that he will guide my steps along the way


A stands for adoration the Majesty greatness and glory of God. C confession I write down my sins from yesterday. T Thanksgiving I give thanks that I am forgiven of sins and cross them off when I write them down S supplication I pray and ask for strength not to do those sins again but to be honest careful and thoughtful to what would glorify my creator

New Life In Christ

Everyday I fight between the Flesh and the spirit but when I wake up and hit my knees and I pray for God’s strength I pray that he helps me through my day where I work what I do what I say so that I can glorify him in every way and this is what brings glory to my God not that I Within Myself have any strength walk in the spirit but that I submit myself to him and it brings me peace enjoy and it gives me fulfillment through my day I love Jesus Christ as much as I selfishly can and then I rely on him for the rest

My road to Jesus Christ

I had everything a man ever wanted at least I thought so then I went through three divorces got hooked on painkillers and lost everything I ever worked for and lost everyone I ever thought cared about me and woke up alone in a jail cell contemplating whether to just end it and then Jesus God showed up everybody else and left me at that point and I told him if I couldn’t learn to live without dead ends that I was going to take my life because living with a drug habit without my kids in living selfishly was not living at all so I started reading the Bible and it’s worth more than millions of dollars and God feels that empty void in our hearts by prayer meditation it is most amazing thing when you study is word it is true wisdom and it’s my true passion now not that I don’t make tons of mistakes fraud committed a lot of sin and I’ve been forgiven and washed in his blood and now everyday I tried to tell at least one person about Jesus what he’s done for me what he could do for you and what he’s going to do forever I hope somebody get something from this cuz this is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life it’s spreading the life the truth and the way and the only honor is the honor my father Jesus Christ for he deserves all the honor. To continue I’m a single father of two beautiful children Abby she’s too she’s my princess and she’s the most amazing daughter she likes cuddling with me she likes drawing and she likes just running around with her brother he’s our best friend and Carter is 4 years old and he loves to draw two well I was going through all this they got put in DFS custody and I lost them for 15 months well I got better from being sick I’ve been sober now for 11 months and I barely got them back for Christmas God has truly given me so many blessings in my life and I know this will bless others and give them hope give him courage not by what I’ve done sinfully but by what God has done for me to help me see the way the truth and the life

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